About Us

FreeFeatures is a unique service aimed at providing UK publishers with good quality, free editorial on a range of subjects.

FreeFeatures was first developed in 2004 by journalists, for journalists.  The aim was to meet the demand for good quality editorial content while reducing the costs to publishers.Newspapers were facing falling circulations and revenues but still had to produce material that their readers wanted to read.  But resources were - and still are - being challenged.  By offering features free of charge,  in exchange for advertising space, the business model provides an opportunity to meet their needs without compromising editorial independence.Since starting, Free Features has seen the world of publishing change dramatically.  

The print press faces increasing pressures while the online world has grown exponentially.   Both are opportunities for our service– with the result that more than 4,000 users are now registered to take our features.As a result we have become a unique and reliable solution to content provision, for a wide range of titles across the UK.   We aim to continue to grow our service and are constantly looking at ways to work with publishers to meet their needs.

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