Can I see the feature before I download it?

Yes, you can see the feature and read all content before deciding to download for publication.  Once you decide to use the feature you can download a file containing the feature, picture and adverts available – either for print or online use.

Do I have to use an ad with each feature published from the Free Features site?

We ask that all features carry our sponsor’s ad next to them.  If you are using a number of features from the same section on one page, or on a DPS where one ad is prominent, then some discretion can be used not to duplicate the same adverts.

Do you supply Business features?

We have an entire section dedicated to business articles. Simply login (or register free) to browse articles suitable for your business publications.

How many features can I use in my publication?

Publishers who have registered and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions stated are entitled to use as many features as they wish.

I want to use a number of features from the same section. Do I need to use an advert next to all of them?

If they are all on the same page or spread then we are happy for one, enhanced/larger, ad to be used instead of a number of smaller adverts.  If in doubt please contact info@freefeatures.co.uk.

I can’t see what I am looking for – do you have other features available?

We can often provide bespoke features and/or further articles on each subject for specific or supplement use.  Please contact us at info@freefeatures.co.uk for further information or to make a request.

What if I am publishing a title outside the UK?

We are happy for foreign titles to use our content on the basis they do not take the adverts meant for UK use.  We do have some artwork for global sponsor adverts and ask that you use those instead. If the country you selected during the registatlon is other than the UK, articles restricted to the UK only will be automatically excluded from the search results.

Why do you ask me to send examples of the published features?

Our sponsors pay a fee to be associated with their chosen subject section.  The more examples of how their ads are seen next to relevant editorial, the more likely we are to gain continued sponsorship for this service.  We send automatic messages asking for examples and we hope you can help us by providing them regularly.

What size to the ads have to be?

We ask that the ads look and appear like other ads within your publication and they are placed next to the feature used. They should not be distorted or diminished.  If unsure please send finished pages to info@freefeatures.co.uk so we can check.

Any more questions?

Let us know by contact us via email or fill out our contact form by clicking the button below.

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